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Those who have enjoyed the benefits of SIMPLE construction can testify to their reduced energy costs, and quality of life in their 21st Century homes. As one owner put it "Someone put a lot of thought into this."


2006 — In Taimyr, Siberia, in January 2006, the thermometer fell to -58 °F. The temperature of the SIM panel homes in the villages held at a regular 77 °F. SIM panels meet the climatic conditions of our Far North, and create comfortable living for the native minorities here.

— Y.J. Prudnechenkov, Chief of Construction / Dudinka, Russia

Construction and Durability

1991 — Your SIM panels are superior to wood frame construction in every way. Walls went up quickly, even though my crew had no previous experience with them. They required no new tools, and the finishing went beautifully, with the consistently straight and true walls. It is very quiet and cool inside, and even with AC yet to be installed, on the hottest day of the year, it remained cool inside.

In June, we had a 5.8 magnitude earthquake. I was in the house when it hit. There was no noise, and no cracks. I am thoroughly sold!

— George Davis, Developer / Highland Park, California


1995 — On September 5, the eye of Hurricane Luis passed directly over Anguilla, with sustained winds of over 175 mph for over ten hours. Windows of the nearby airport control tower, designed to withstand 200 mph winds were completely blown out. The only damage to our SIM panel building occurred when a heavy shipping container was picked up by the wind and thrown against the corner of our structure. We simply replaced the two corner panels. Had this been a brick structure, the entire structure would have been compromised. Our million dollar transmitter, sustained zero damage.

There is much interest in this type of structure in the Caribbean. We are impressed!

— Gary Hunter, Contractor / Sandy Hill, Anguilla

2002 — In 1998, I built my house of traditional wood studs, and while under construction it caught fire, and burned to the foundation. I asked you to redesign the house using SIM panels, and your construction exceeded my greatest expectations. I have since built the identical house on another site, using your panels. No fear of fire now.

— John Flentje, Homeowner / Charlottesville, Virginia

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